to reimagine talent engagement

Meet the Hubbers

What's a Hubber?

All companies can say their people are the heart of their business and we are no different, apart from the fact that we actually mean it. The REC HUB is solely based around the people in our organisation; we call them HUBBERS. 

We have Tech Hubbers, Marketing Hubbers, slightly strange shirt-wearing Hubbers - we have them all. Culture is so important to us too. By culture, we don’t mean a Ping Pong table in the toilet, a free low fat apple in the morning or a labra-cocker-miniture-schnoodle terrier roaming the office. By culture we mean, belonging, harmony and discovery; three things we encourage our Hubbers to live by both in and out of the office. 

What are you waiting for, come on in and meet the team...

Harry Bigwood


Who are we? We have built a marketplace platform that brings travellers together with a large number of global and local tour operators and we are committed to providing simple but awesome user experiences to them. By putting some cutting-edge technologies to good use, we are building an environment where engineers can grow and thrive while helpin...
Who are we? We are the company behind the world’s most cutting-edge, AI-powered, user classification technology. We are processing tens of Terabytes a day and generating unique insights through machine learning. Who are you? You are a kick-ass JavaScript Engineer, who cares about quality code and understands the meaning of user experie...

Rex Rusling


A 7-figure seed round start up in Vienna building a platform to help people offset their carbon footprint and combat climate change. You would be our first senior backend engineer working alongside the CTO to design and build the MVP.

Ben Leeson


I'm currently working on introducing the world to our quirky yet game-changing new talent brand. The REC HUB has been a long time in the making and ensuring our brand architecture appeals to the industry yet represents its founders wasn't easy.

Our style is relaxed, fun, conversational yet we know our stuff! Our Founding Hubbers have the brand at heart and want to create something truly different, something that they can be proud of but essentially they want to reimagine talent engagement.

Watch this space over the coming months for more insights into how our Hubbers are getting on!

Alia Azhari


One of our first Talent Hubbers; Alia has the most hands on data role. Having quit the spreadsheets and changing flood risk modelling, using R and SQL, to helping Developers find their dream job in the German Tech scene.

Alia is happiest either when she sees candidates loving the job she help them find or cooking up a Roti Canai breakfast for the family! Having her roots firmly in Malaysia, and being an amazing cook, Alia is definitely our honorary Masterchef Hubber... always say yes to an invite for dinner at Alia's!

Michelle Reilly


At the moment I'm working on a number of projects covering corporate governance, contracts & compliance and payroll & Taxes.

Having my own consultancy has given me a great platform to advise and help the Hubbers on how to run a successful business. 

Graham Palfery-Smith


I'm currently taking financial oversight and cashflow management for The REC HUB. I'm the one that's trying to keep the Hub on track, as we can all get carried away with the bigger picture stuff.

I'm helping the Hubbers understand where they can be better from a business point of view and constantly giving advice to the founders Rex and Harry on how they can get better and develop themselves.