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Talent Hub


Globally, across all regions, CEOs are constantly talking about attracting and retaining top talent as their #1 internal concern.

Here at The REC HUB we recognise a change in the wants and needs of companies looking to grow quickly with the right people. We constantly talk to clients about their requirement for short term in-house talent solutions for fast, volume hiring projects.

The Talent Hub is our solution to provide just that… a dedicated Talent Hubber onsite for a fixed monthly retainer regardless of how many roles are filled during our collaboration.

  • 40% cheaper than standard recruitment service.
  • Protect your brand and name in the marketplace.
  • Performance based bonus structure means Hubbers are always driven to fill roles.
  • Collaboration on process for hiring now and in the future
  • Use all of our tools to enhance your ability to attract the best people

Learn more about the benefits, the how, the contract and the cost...

The benefits of Talent HUb
The Benefits

  • One monthly fee no matter how many hires!
  • The cost includes everything!... Our staff costs, job board advertising, unlimited access to our entire databases, us of our online recruitment tools as well as LinkedIn Recruiter and XING Talent Manager.
  • Complete access to the collective network of The REC HUB, meaning our Talent Hubbers working across the business are doing all of the hard work for you…
  • We also ensure our Hubbers are trained in using methods niche to their markets including; Kaggle, GitHub, Stack Overflow and more.
  • We will cooperate with all of your stakeholders to ensure they are regularly kept up to date with everything that we are doing, successes we are having and the challenges we are facing throughout the entire process.

The how Talent HUB works
The How

  • First and most important, the monthly retainer, is all you will ever pay.
  • A tailored service with a dedicated, exclusive Talent Consultant that will work alongside you and your team,
  • We get to understand your business better than any other recruiter could.
  • We can work flexibly on-site as much or as less as you need, completely integrating with your teams.
  • We protect your culture, support your growth, we help shape your process and attract the best talent to your company, for the long term.

The Talent HUB contract
The Contract

  • We charge a fixed monthly retainer based on the requirements of the project
  • There are no extra per-hire charges and this really is where the cost saving comes in - having all of the tools with none of the per hire charges.
  • Depending on required urgency and hiring needs, we offer the flexibility of a 3, 6 or 12-month contract.

The Talent HUB cost
The Cost

  • Our quote would be tailored for your business needs.
  • These quotes can work out up to 50% of the cost when using contingent recruitment services and our fees could be comparable to hiring a high performing in-house team.
  • All T&Cs are negotiated to suit where your company is in its growth and development.