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So you think you know recruiters?

Each of our Hubs represents how we split our teams into specific markets so that we get the right Hubbers working in the right sectors… this means we are able to provide our clients with the best talent using a much wider pool of candidates in the fastest periods of time.

Dat:R Hub - Data Science, Analytics and Engineering.
Stack Hub - Application Development & Maintenance
Cyber Hub - Systems and security of our clients.
Talent Hub - In-House Recruitment Projects.

There are a number of ways in which we can engage with our clients and we are always on hand to discuss with you the best way to ensure you get the team you want, on budget and on time.

Retained search


Our retained search means you would get a dedicated team working specifically on your requirement full time, ensuring that you are getting the best quality candidates in the fastest time frames possible.

The REC HUB is able to use co-branded advertising, control the ‘message’ to candidates and protect the culture of our clients by exclusively working in collaboration with them. This has a 20% better return on candidate interest from passive candidates than normal contingent services.

The assigned Hubbers will work very closely with you and will take an agreed methodology to find the best person to fill your job. This process is rigorous and where will aim to present five candidates with the ideal skills, in the right location and for the best salary and all you have to do is pick the one they like the most.

Contingent Services


All of our Hubbers are split into specific hubs so that they are able to provide the best tech talent, quicker than the competition. They are constantly networking in their specific niche, generating talent pipelines of active and passive candidates using referrals, meet ups, conferences and our extensive database.

Every Hubber is given access to a LinkedIn Recruiter, relevant job boards and advertising budgets in order to help them expand their network. We are also trained in using other tools such as GitHub, Kaggle, AngelList etc to ensure we are engaging with everyone in the marketplace.

Contract solutions


As with Contingent Services, our Hubbers are niche vertical specialists so that they are able to know which Contractors are going to be available and what projects they are looking for.

Contract Solutions is about providing short term solutions quickly so that you have less downtime and you get your project completed on time and on budget.

We ensure all of our contract/freelance candidates are fully vetted taking multiple references as well as fully compliant for Tax and Social Security… no matter what country we are working in. We work with a number of Compliance Advisors and Tax Specialist to ensure our clients are never at risk.