(Senior) Backend Developer - Elixir, Rust and Scala.

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Full Time
Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Docker, Erlang, Kubernetes, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, RDBMS, real-time data, Scala, Agile, Distributed systems, Elixir, Functional programming, DevOps, PostgrSQL, Senior Software Developer, distributed systems

 Company and Culture


To write high quality, fast, well tested code for our modern tech stack; we believe that collaboration, fun and support are more than buzzwords - they're essential.


  • Continued personal learning and growth.

  • No overwork

  • Language agnostic view on problem solving. 

  • Experiment with new technologies today to build a better product tomorrow.

  • Efficient communication around and business and technical choices.

  • We have adopted the principles of shape-up by basecamp as our agile methodology.

  • You code it, you own it - DevOps mindset.




Using service oriented architecture including big data technologies and machine learning; we change the way companies do process analysis. Our engine mines data for analysis on your processes then identifies inefficiencies and processes we can optimise using machine learning.




  • Work cross-functionally the data science team and product team on developing technical solutions.

  • Discover, evaluate, design and code solutions for data processing problems.

  • Be an end-to-end product owner for your systems.

  • Investigate new technologies to come up with new solutions to existing problems.

  • Hold code reviews among teammates and help each other to maintain high coding standards.

  • Mentor and guide junior developers




  • Professional experience with Elixir, Rust or Scala.

  • Strong understanding of functional programming principles including experience with programming languages ( Elixir, Erlang, Clojure, Haskell, OCaml, Scala )

  • Good fundamental knowledge of data structures and algorithms for complex domains, including database schema modeling

  • Big data technologies (e.g. OLAP, columnar databases, batch processing)

  • Experience in API design and web development.


Not needed but nice to have


  • Experience with distributed systems

  • You are fluent in English, German is a plus

  • JVM languages (Java, Scala, Kotlin)

  • Knowledge in optimizing system performance using big data

  • DevOps tools; Docker, Docker-Compose

  • Experience with deploying machine learning models




  • Early bird or night owl? Work when you like, where you like. You are trusted.

  • Lots of areas to improve your knowledge and skills

  • Space to grow your career upward internally

  • A beautiful office.

  • Healthy snacks and drinks.

  • Highly skilled teammates.