Senior Software Engineer

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MySQL, Lambda, Senior Software Developer, Docker, distributed systems

Why apply:

  1. The environment - world class engineering team where IF you come to think like an owner, take on more responsibilities and contribute ideas then you will have a voice in the company, learn and progress through either their CTO track or VP Engineer track depending on which career ladder you wish to climb.

  2. The growth potential - massive as the company is going places, fast.

  3. Perks - credit for their service which means free travel! And as many of the team are expats sometimes people travel together.

  4. Work abroad - you can work from their other office locations in Australia and Canada.

  5. Relocation Support - visas, flights, airbnb for a month to settle in, cash for your shipping or more flights and an 'on the ground' team setting you up with bank accounts, schools and accomodation viewings.

Tech Stack:

  • Backend: PHP, Golang and NodeJS/TypeScript  lambda-functions

  • Data Stores: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Redshift

  • Containers: Docker

  • Automation: Ansible, Terraform

  • Deployment: Jenkins, BitBucket pipelines

  • Hosting: all AWS


  • Build microservices on our highly distributed architecture creating a clean, scalable, reusable code-base using CI/CD techniques such as unit testing and integration testing through out.

  • Be part of a cross functional squad of frontend and backend developers on existing and new feature development for our consumer facing applications and internal tools.

  • Adopt and promote agile methodologies and practices including Scrum, Kanban and 2 week sprints, regular code reviews, CI/CD and DevOps.

  • Take part in knowledge sharing opportunities with co workers to teach and learn from each other.



  • Senior Backend Engineer for a consumer facing online product/ service.

  • Programming experience can be in PHP, Java, Node, Python, Scala, Golang as long as they have a 'right tool for the right task' mentality which prioritises customer experience and you're happy to work with the current stack.

  • Experience building microservices for distributed systems hosted on AWS.

  • Experience in an agile, cross functional environment adopting best practices across DevOps and CI/CD