Senior DevOps Engineer

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Up €85,000
Terraform, Redux, Kubernetes, Docker, Linux

A client of mine (Travel and Tourism service) is expanding its world leading engineering function and has lots of processes and infrastructure to automate, dev cycles to improve and microservice architecture to deploy so we’re hiring a Senior DevOps Engineer to join 3 others in our company.

Why apply:

  1. The environment - world class engineering team where IF you come to think like an owner, take on more responsibilities and contribute ideas then you will have a voice in the company, learn and progress through either their CTO track or VP Engineer track depending on which career ladder you wish to climb.

  2. The growth potential - massive as the company is going places, fast.

  3. Perks - credit for their service which means free travel! And as many of the team are expats sometimes people travel together.

  4. Work abroad - you can work from their other office locations in Australia and Canada.

  5. Relocation Support - visas, flights, airbnb for a month to settle in, cash for your shipping or more flights and an 'on the ground' team setting you up with bank accounts, schools and accommodation viewings.

Duties/ Requirements:

  • Core skills include basic kernel concepts of Linux, such as memory, processes, signals, as well as hands-on experience of deployments, troubleshooting and maintenance of Linux-based systems.

  • Building distributed systems; means it is important to know networking, TCP/IP stack and HTTP internals.

  • Knowledge of AWS is essential.

  • Among many AWS services, they use ECS to deploy microservices, which makes Docker a key requirement for day-to-day activities for this role.

  • Real-world experience of using DevOps tools, both for infrastructure automation (Terraform, Ansible) and application deployments (CI/CD such as Bitbucket Pipelines, Jenkins).

  • Bash and Python are essential for automation tasks.

Tech Stack:

  • Backend: PHP, Golang and NodeJS/TypeScript  lambda-functions

  • Data Stores: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Redshift

  • Containers: Docker

  • Automation: Ansible, Terraform

  • Deployment: Jenkins, BitBucket pipelines

  • Hosting: all AWS