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Berlin is rapidly being considered the new silicon valley where startups spring up every 20 minutes. So obviously recruiting talent for the vast amount of jobs in the city would be relatively easy. Well, not really. And several articles have agreed with this. So, why is it so hard to place a candidate even when in recent times, tech companies have made tremendous efforts in trying to promote a good, exciting and flexible work environment?

Well, first and foremost the answer may be attributable to the simple fact that tech companies are abundant in Berlin. What’s more, it's becoming increasingly difficult due to the rise of completely new roles and categories in data science, machine learning and the whole Iot genre which only exacerbated the problem. So finding the right person that not only could perform the job, but whether their personality is a fit with the company, is heavily evaluated as well. So finding that one unicorn candidate for a client can be a very demanding job. And when companies require skills assessments, structured interviews, it makes recruiting tech talent even more complicated and it's often at the expense of making actual hires.

“Generating a volume of candidates remains a challenge for tech recruiters across Berlin’s 2500+ tech startups”

Retaining talent can also be precarious given the number of options they have, like a good buffet deal. So is it simply enough for companies to provide great office perks and flexible working hours to prevent their talent from shopping for better offers? If not, HOW DO tech companies attract and retain their talent?

Transparency is key
Firstly, we believe that transparency in the interview process is crucial and candidates have voiced that they want to be more involved in the interview process, where quick actions, honest communication and timely feedback are essential to a successful hire. Transparency also helps to retain staff, as they are more likely to be happy with the company even before they become a staff member.

Target and Market
Marketing your company doesn’t just sell your products or services, but also attracts the right talents. The candidates need to understand, learn and love your product and services. So sell yourself. A survey also found that candidates would take a pay cut if the company offers the right career advancements, which came out at the top just before workplace flexibility. With the pace of things in our lives candidates want to see that there are opportunities to move forward, and learn new things. The tech industry is ever changing, so gone are the days where a role is defined by the job title. So target, market and sell that role.

Timing.is.key. Because just like walking down Kurfürstendamm Boulevard, candidates do not shop at just one place, they will get tempted by other bigger offers. If you want that candidate, timing is essence. Give quick feedbacks. Make timely decisions, and keep them in the loop.

Despite all this, Berlin is not lacking in tech jobs, so in essence there will always be jobs for recruiters to fill. But easy it is not! However, at The Rec Hub, we do like a challenge ;) so say hello@rec-hub.com if you need help to find talented people for your business.

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