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we reduce the time, resource and cost to hire Europe’s best talent.

the tech talent process, despite being the heart of your business, is often overlooked and undervalued. Our approach is completely based around you and the needs of your talent function. Whether that's a one-off hire, an embedded solution or simply some help with internal branding and culture.

Our services include...


rec hub: engage is a success based per hire solution that can flexibly work across bespoke projects, individual roles or exec hiring, all for a clear upfront fee.


rec hub: embedded is a remote but fully embedded subscription-based solution giving you unlimited hires for a single monthly fee.


rec hub: mnTr. (mentor) is a branding solution designed to help your business attract quality candidates. Run it alongside your existing people/marketing team or as a complete outsourced comms function.​


some of our successes.

we've delivered class leading, money saving talent solutions for partners all over Europe. Don't just take our word for it...


see how we saved FinCompare over €80,000 in 3 months.

see how we helped grow GetYourGuides data team.


"the Rec hub are great highly professional recruiters, who are 100% support driven and have an excellent feeling for their candidates. They are loyal, quick in responses and strong in convincing extraordinary people.”


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