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We're a tech talent consultancy like no other. Whether you're looking for your dream role or ideal candidate, our hubbers will guide you through the whole process leaving you to concentrate on what you do best.

Our dream at The REC HUB is simple, to reimagine talent engagement. We want to do things differently, to be the pioneers of change in our industry. It’s a big statement we know, but by looking at things from a different angle and by truly looking to innovate and improve the way talent is engaged with, both from the client and candidate view, we will create something incredible.

We can't make people better looking, find them the love of their life or help achieve that elusive six pack, but what we can do is just as life changing, we can find them their dream role or their ideal candidate...all round life and self-improvement.


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Our product solves complex data mining problems with machine learning in real time. Sound fun?

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Remote interviewing - your practical guide!
For a large number of organisations, remote working isn't something they are used to. Trying to move your business into the remote world can be a little scary. Thankfully, we live in a world surrounded by tech, so carrying out virtual recruitment can be done without having to compromise on a great candidate experience.
Tech recruitment & talent retainment in Berlin
Berlin is rapidly being considered the new silicon valley where startups spring up every 20 minutes. So obviously recruiting talent for the vast amount of jobs in the city would be relatively easy. Well, not really. And several articles have agreed with this.
Why Berlin is a great city for tech enthusiasts
If you’ve been on the fence about moving to Europe, you should consider Berlin. In the midst of Brexit talks, Berlin has truly emerged to be the next tech hub in Europe next to London, with the World Economic Forum reporting Berlin to be one of the next start-up cities that will transform the global economy in Europe.
Gender Pay
With the deadline for businesses to publish details of their gender pay gap only a few months away, only 400 out of the 9,000 businesses have published their figures so far. With a whopping 96% still yet to do so, should we be worried that this slow approach may reflect the attitude towards making a change to the gender pay gap?
Auto Enrolment
The government is taking action to help get teenagers “into the habit of saving”, and plan to extend automatic enrolment onto a pension scheme to those as young as 18 from its current age of 22. The proposals will cost employers an extra £1.4bn a year, and the government an extra £600m in tax relief.
The Gig Economy
Over a million gig workers in Britain are expected to benefit from improved rights with reforms to the GIG economy this year. However, the government have announced that they will be delaying the new legislation that would boost employment practices.